Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brand New Sin

Part of the new hard rock era of the 2000's, Brand New Sin came from Syracuse but their heart and soul came from Southern Rock and Molly Hatchet more so than Skynyrd.  Joe Atler's booming vocals recall more of Phil Amselmo of Pantera than Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.  They made three fairly hard rocking albums for Century Media before Atler departed after 2007's Tequila and the band split from Century Media due to poor promotion and usual major label distractions.

The first two album benefited from Pete Walker's production which kinda smoothed out the rough edges. Recipe For Disaster continued a straight ahead Southern rock vibe with a Corrosion Of Conformity south and BNS benefited with some FM airplay with The Loner and Freight Train.  Tequila, produced by Joey Z, has a more rougher and trashing sound.  Kris Wiechmann took over lead vocals on later albums.

Brand New Sin (Century Media/Neverland 2002) B+
Recipe For Disaster (Century Media 2005) B+
Tequila (Century Media 2006) B+
Distilled (Subcat 2009) B
United State (Goomba 2011) B-

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